Friday, May 30, 2008

New Camera

Received my new camera and mounted it to the front of the cub. Still have some interference from something????It was getting late when the winds died down tonight but here is the first video.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First aerial video!!

While it may have been a bit impulsive, the urge to see what would happen overcame us over the weekend when Ethan and I decided to strap his mini video camera to my plane. It took a little tweaking to get the mount just right, but as you will see in the following video clip, the results were worth it.

The clip is a compilation of 4 or 5 flights with both Ethan and I piloting. We found that the camera's auto exposure setting exposed for the bright sky at the expense of the ground, and we ended up with a lot of the sky (which has little reference points and is thus not very interesting) and a dark ground. (The purplish diamond shape in some of the shots is the center of the sun auto blocked by the camera). The way we mounted the camera simulated an "out the windshield" view. We couldn't use this mounting and get a "down looking" view without more extensive mods (which we weren't going to do at this impulsive moment). I'm sure that much better results will be had with Dean's soon-to-arrive mini cam dedicated to aerial video.

BTW, as you can see in the video, the plane smacked into my daughter April. Ethan was flying (no really, he was!!) and he was making some really low, slow passes, trying to catch shots of us on the ground. The wingtip caught April's outstretched arm. She's fine, as was the plane and the camera. If you pause the video just before impact you'll see a precious "Oh Sh*t!" look on (pilot) Ethan's face who was standing right next to April at the time.


PS. I would like to propose a nickname for my son Ethan. His family nickname is E-man. In light of his stellar flying (the above clip not withstanding, I'd like to propose Air-man... which I think is his rank in the CAP as well.

Memorial Day Pics

Ditto what CW said...a great time. Thanks for the great show everyone! Here's some pics of the event.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Crash Fest

As the sun sets on this wonderful weekend, I couldn't be happier about the success of our first club gathering.

The evening was beautiful, the food was good and there was much entertainment watching the various flights that took place. What really made the event was our presence of mind to actually video tape some of the fly time. Hopefully the video will make it through editing and be up on the site very soon.

Peter "Spaceman" Tulgren made multiple launches throughout the evening- to include- one lawn dart, one roof landing and actualy a complete launch and hand catch that we caught on videotape!

Josh had two "Firsts" tonight. His first radio control flight of his brand new sail plane! Unfortunatly this was soon followed by his first crash.........soon to be released on video as well. He was counceled on the virtues of Gorilla Glue and should be flying again soon.

The "Flying Frenchman" had a better time than his most recent attempts at remaining airborne. His first Hop tonight went fairly well. But as with all of us, his increased confidence led him down the path of self distruction. Several flights later, I had lost track of where he was. Soon enough I had found him inside with his Gorilla Glue- piecing the puzzle back together.

I myself flew next. Still not kowing exactly what I am doing, but making it look good. It is amazing how loud a "Thud" styrofoam makes 50 feet away from you........I proved his several times tonight.

"Digger" (Dan Parent) unveiled his newly engineered propeller system (cobbed from another plane and epoxy'd in place!?!?!) and was fairly successful with it. I admire his self control with the throttle and ability to stay aloft gliding rather than under power.

Ethan (Dan's son) wow'd us with some smooth sailing with his plane. Several flights throughout the night and I think he is the only one who did not crash.

Dean "Crash-It" Scott- flew his cub with the latest edition of electronics added. I am totally amazed that he maintains enough power to fly with all of the added electronic gizmo's in place. None the less, his distinctive prop buzzing was heared zipping all around doing some low level passes and even a loop or two.

Much to our amazement, we actually had 4 planes in the air at one time tonight. And this actually lasted more than just a few seconds. Although Dan had some control issues and his plane started wandering towards Bakersfield........Clem sort of kept to himself in a tight spiral at the back of the field, actually it was a good flight for him. And during all of this Dean and I tried to torment each other. I actually heard Dean making machine gun noises as he dropped in behind me and lined me in his sights.....until I thwarted his attempt by crashing my plane! I do believe I heard him laughing as he circled above the wreckage.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It is nice to have the opportunity to share in something this fun with my family and friends.

Until the next "Hop"...................

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amazing aerial stunts

As we were flying tonight I couldn't help but notice that Curt was sporting some fancy moves with his plane...stuff I didn't think the Wild Hawk could do (no ailerons), or a novice pilot like we both are had the skill and (let's be frank here) the cajones to try. It wasn't until after we had landed that he said that he had no idea how he'd pulled those off. You'd never tell it from looking at as a cucumber. Great poker face! Or maybe he was just happy (like I am most of the time when I'm flying) that he managed to squeeze out of yet another near catastrophe.

Seriously, it's getting so it really feels like I'm flying...not just hanging on for dear life and hoping something doesn't go wrong. It's a good feeling to be able to plan the next part of your flight instead of just being the slave on the other end of the radio!

See ya in the air soon. We all up for Sat. evening? Pot luck or what?

Ooooh........The Humanity!

What kind of a world do we live in where a disgruntled club member takes vicious actions against a fellow flier?

Just because I have somewhat of a natural ability to fly my plane- and that I have less crashes to brag about is no reason to interfere with my fly time.....

A warning to all who fly anywhere around Digger when he is in the air......when his manliness is stepped upon and your superior ability to perform acrobatics is evident-BEWARE!

I was flying through the park one day.....In the merry, merry month of may...When much to my surprise, in front of my childrens eyes...........


Much to Diggers surprise, after his plane cartwheeled off my Cranium....I continued my flight uninteruppted and with much poise and grace.

Of course, 3 planes in the air, much craziness going on- and did we think to have someone filming? Of course not.

Otherwise a great Hop with 3 planes in the air and no mid air collisions. Gorrilla Glue time aside, it was a great evening.

Footage Shows "Spaceman" meets minimum EAFC membership criteria

Welcome to our supersonic member, Peter "Spaceman" Tullgren. I, as I'm sure most if not all of us, grew up with Estes model rockets. Its always fun watching these things blast off. Now that Peter is doing launches, we can watch without having to wait at the mailbox (like I did everyday as a kid waiting for the Estes order to come in!)

The first launch I saw proved that the "Spaceman" is cut out to be a part of EAFC...see the following clip:

Launch number 2 went much better:

Welcome to EAFC!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekend Crash Fest

Looking for interest in a weekend gathering to BBQ and fly. Let me know your availablility over the next few weekends.

Hoping to get the "Club Picture" taken to post on the site, perhaps clem can provide us with his plane on a display board with all the parts labled................

If there is interest, Dean mentioned printable- iron on logos for shirts, if everyone wanted to pitch in for a t-shirt, the "iron on" paper is fairly cheap (less than a dollar a sheet) and the t-shirts can be purchased on line for a couple of bucks.

I will try to be at the Sampsonville Road Flight Line on Saturday. Anyone else around for practice?

See Ya!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ahem, need a name chage

So here's the low down...two attempts, several crashes, two repairs (the last one major, lots of glue...) and still, I'm not in the flying zone. Not convinced that the pilot is the true problem. Once in the air, the plane refuses to turn left, spirals to the right and eventually meets the dirt (or pavement, in the last case). Oh well, at least it was in the air and I didn't hurt any cars as I dive bombed between 2 in the fire department parking lot.
The everywhere, nose totally broken off, motor housing destroyed, battery ejected, cockpit somewhere around... I put it all back together, and it appears in better shape then after the first repair...'till the next time...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Message From the Wright Brothers

Widely acknowledged as the Ohio bicycle shop owners who spent years and years of monumental perseverance to design, build, and fly the first powered airplane, we here at EAFC should feel honored by the arrival of the following video message from Orville and Wilbur.

Today was pretty windy here and we didn't get much flying time in. I was treated to an early morning model rocket launch by fellow EAFC/EAS member and EMT Peter "Spaceman" Tullgren. I'll try to post some video footage of the "event" soon.

"Smooth Sailings" First Flight

You might have the planes........

But I've got the rockets to shoot you guys down......I've been lookinging to get back into doing some model rockets and now here i am......Last time i've done this was in the 6th grade.....Lets have some fun guys and watch out for the rockets red glare........

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Before and After (subtitled: God Bless the Inventor of Gorilla Glue)

I have wanted to get into this hobby for years and I've finally gotten started! I owe my continued interest in aircraft and aviation to: 1) my son Ethan who has a keen interest in flying, and will likely be piloting "full-scale" planes in addition to RC someday. His active membership in the Civil Air Patrol and the EAA puts him right in the thick of things when it comes to flying. Watching him fly his Hobbico "Sky Fly" a few weeks ago didn't hurt my enthusiasm either! 2) My friend Alex, who shares a passion for aircraft and aviation. We have each spent countless hours flying FSX and the Pacific Fighters PC sims, and I can usually count on getting an awesome aviation related video link in my email in box every week or so. Now all I gotta do is get him to come on out to the flying field! and 3) Dean "Crash-It" Scott's tenacity and enthusiasm in learning to fly his e-powered heli, and finding the best deals on the constant flow of replacement parts after crashing again and again, yet all the while making it all look like fun. Following the weekly highs and lows of my regular Thursday night EMS partner's RC flying career was a great spectator sport for awhile, but it's much better to be sharing the same airspace!

As for the "Before and After" in the title of this post, I offer the following pics: The first is one my daughter shot of my beloved Wild Hawk before my maiden flight. I was advised by someone on the Wattflyers Forum (BTW an excellent source for ANY info on ANYTHING related to electric-powered RC flying), to make sure to take a picture before flying it!

These shots show what it looks like a couple weeks later. Despite its somewhat ragged appearance, she seems to fly better every time I take her out! I figure I might even be running out of possible places to fit-in any more tape or glue!

Thanks to "Gorilla Glue" CW for getting this blog going. I'm sure that having this central spot to share our photos, ideas, and mistakes (er, "crashes") will make this even more fun for all of us!

One last thing...I spent a little time scouting around the Google sites and I think I figured out how to link to an aerial photo of the field where I fly (when I'm not flying at EAFC's primary "airport" on Sampsonville Rd. in Enosburg Falls. Follow this link: Digger Dan's Flying Field and (wind and weather permitting), meet me there sometime for a couple of laps around the field!

Here we go,,,

Ok, so I haven't flown my airplane yet, but am benefiting from my partners misfortunes. I chose the name smooth sailing, much to their discontent, because I hope to be the one to show them of....probably a big mistake on my part, but what the hell, they say I'm cocky, so why not.
I plan on flying for the first time tomorrow, hope it's a nice day. I will add more after that, good or bad...TaTa for now

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hey, It is great to see all you guys interested in RC ing. I have been hooked since I was a kid. Now with my wife giving me my first heli for Christmas I have not stopped thinking about flying or what next mod I can do to the heli"s or now the Super Cub. I have enjoyed flying with "Digger"and I welcome to the club Curtis, Clem and Josh Hope to see you crash soon!!!! sorry I meant Fly soon. LOL. This is the latest mod for my Airplane. Nighttime taxing

It all starts with a dream......

...that Dean thought he could learn how to fly radio control airplanes. Several months later, with the addition of several other "members"- the Enosburgh Ambulance Flying Club was born.

Armed with an array of radio controlled aircraft (low cost thankfully), a field next to the ambulance bay and an abundance of free time- we took to the sky.

Welcome to our version of reality. Probably the best time I have had in years personally, and visibly enjoyed by all participating. To me, this is a warm welcomed stress relief from the harsh reality of working in EMS.

To all that visit, enjoy what you see. Everything is posted with the full intent of humiliating and harassing the current leader of spectacular crashes. To wit: although slightly our of chronological order, today's crashes feature Deans well rehearsed tree landing as well as my first tree landing (also my first day of flight).

Posts and pictures will be made by members on a regular basis, so please check back frequently. Until then- It's time for another "Hop"